You think you know me

November 23, 2010
you think you know me. lies. i dont even know who i am. all i do all day is spend my time finding out who i am. you love me for who i am. then who is the me you love. i dont know who she is. i know my name. i know what i can act like. but is that all of me. i dont know what i wanna be. i dont know who i am. no matter how old i get i will always be discovering comething new about myself everyday. weather its food i like or if its things that i can do. no one know me. i dont even know me. i like to do things. so do you. does that mean that i know you. no. just because i know the presidents name and i saw an interview he did where he let us in on what his life is like. that doesnt mean that we know him. you can never fully "know" someone. you might know that they like pizza and hate spinach. does that mean you know their entire life story. i am me. you are you. you will never know who i am fully am. i will never know who you fully are. we might think we know each other but we only know what we learn from our senses. Who Am I?

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