December 20, 2007
By Charkivia LoVETT, Homestead, FL

Growing up in a poor family with deaf and mute parents, I have always told myself that I need to find a way out, not for myself but also for my family. My name is Charkivia and I’m a senior at South Dade Senior High School. I’m a leader that is committed to setting the goal of being excellent, maintaining the highest standards and never giving up and trying not to let anyone down. I’m a person that is willing to go the extra mile, wanting to achieve better than the rest, making other individuals want to follow in the footsteps of me. I stand out, wanting to outshine the rest in wanting to achieve the best I can do. My behavior is not just a one-day thing; it’s my lifestyle.
I’m an AP and Honors student that is ranked 78 in a class of 436. At my school I participate in the English Honor Society in which I am the historian, as a community service project we read to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade children at Avocado Elementary on December 13 of this year. I also participate in the SHAPE Club and ISSAC, which are Students Helping Achieve Philanthropic Excellence and In School Chambers of Commerce. As our community service project we gave presents to the children who lives in the Redland Migrant camp.
Also, in school I participate in the Key Club in which I am the president. In that club I have started Becca’s Closet at my school, wanting to continue Rebecca Kirtman dream by reach the goal of collecting over 250 dresses before prom to give to unfortunate teenagers in need of formal attire. I am involved with Student Government, Senior Board, SADD, National Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society and the Math Honor Society.
In school I have been writing for the school newspaper for over 2 years now, and hopefully I will attain a career in that field. I also am I staff of the school yearbook for the first time this year. I love capturing the memories people will never forget. I also participate in T. V Production learning all the methods of what it takes to be on TV. I take German and I can’t wait to Germany someday.
At my school I have always wanted to be able to win something that I have run for at my school, but I just couldn’t get people to vote in favor of me, to give me a chance to hold a leadership position in South Dade very diverse school. I have never let anything intimidate me and have always continued to compete, and it paid off and now I can say I am proud to be South Dade’s 2007 Homecoming Queen! I finally won something!
As a person that wants to help spread the joy of wanting to put a smile on someone face, I became a Student Athletic Trainer in which I help in the care and prevention of athletic injuries. I have been dong this for 4 years now, in which I have dedicated 5,000 hours of my time and still is, coming and participating on days when it wasn’t school and even before the regular school year started. Also I am the Captain that teaches to the new members what it takes to be able to deal with care and prevention of athletic injuries.
In my community I have participated in a Thanksgiving Drive over the past years, a social studies honor society project named “ A city Between Two Parks” over the past 3 years. I have participated as a volunteer for my church and other churches in my community.
I am a person that has never let anything intimated me and continue to make a difference in individual’s lives by volunteering.
A way to repay my mother for all her hard work and dedication is to pursue a higher education, that higher education is the University of South Florida. Finding a way out of poverty is who I am and what changed me to be that person I am today. This is who I am.

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