This I Believe

December 12, 2007
Can you really love someone one day and hate them the next? Would you let your frustration get in the way of what you really feel? So I have come to believe that love doesn’t leave, people do.

Summer love is looked for only because you cant run down the beach holding your own hand. So when I started dating this very nice guy, I didn’t think he would get so attached. He would call me way to much. It was fun hanging out with him and getting to talk to him about everything. But then the summer was ending and well school was starting soon so I decided to end things. I thought it would be like every other break up, never talking to each other again. But now he is like a brother to me. I left him but we still hang out and talk.

You can’t always be the one to leave, sometimes you are left. Just like the time when my mom left my sisters and my dad. Imagine waking up and some one you’re really close to is just not there. Where else would she go? My mom and I liked to turn her radio in the jeep on max and ride down the street shouting the music. She came back to us one random night. Pulling up in her jeep, she invited herself into the place she left just a week ago. But I haven’t been able to really trust her. That’s when I started to be much wiser about those I care for.

Your not always left either, sometimes your just forgotten. Usually your elementary school crush doesn’t last that long. But mine started in third grade. With this kid who liked to trade pokemon cards and play with marbles. I once convened him to trade me five different cards for only one of mine. I would even go to his house to beat him at that computer game Bugs Life. Then after three years he moved away with out saying goodbye. I was surprised when I didn’t see him in seventh grade. I thought he would always be there. That’s when I found out he had liked me. So I started thinking about all the memories. Of course I still like other people but I always find my self going back to third grade.

So after many years of leaving and being left I have come to believe that love doesn’t just walk away on its own, the people who love do. Even after someone you care about leaves you, you still love them.

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