Life, Fate, and Decisions

December 6, 2007
By Brock Jacobi, Miami, FL

While fifteen may be considered young by most, through my many experiences with

life’s surprise, I believe that while fate controls your life, you must also take it into your own

hands in order to live life to the fullest.

The first time I ever entered a USTA tournament, a major competition for the most

competitive tennis players, I was twelve years old and I was up against the number one player. I

was sure I was going to lose but I still tried my hardest on the off chance that I could cheat fate.

Indeed, I was able to do just that and ended up winning in three sets. The final scored were 4-6,

7-6, and 7-5.

Another example of an experience I have had that affirms my belief has to do with

grades. Normally I go to extra help in classes that I find challenging. Because I felt my Spanish

class last year was so easy, however, I did not bother to go to get extra help, assuming

incorrectly that I would get an “A”. Imagine my dismay when my “easy A” became a C+. I

realized that I had assumed that fate would take care of my grade for me, and did not bother to

take my grade into my own hands. Had I done this, I probably would have the desired “A”.

Fate also contributed to my last relationship. It brought me together with a very nice girl

that I met at a fundraiser; the last place I would have expected to meet anyone. After talking for

several hours on the phone over a five day period, I knew that after our first date she would say

yes when I asked her out. That did not stop me, however, from being a gentleman and making

the date as enjoyable as possible for her. By taking my future into my own hands, but believing

in destiny, I contributed to getting myself a girlfriend. While it is very possible that this would

have occurred anyways, I sealed the deal by taking the initiative.

In conclusion, all of these things may not have turned out as they did had I not believed

in fate and decided to take things into my own hands.

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