Opinions in Nature

December 1, 2007
By Trishia Shaw, Boise, ID

Nature comes in all shapes and sizes for a reason, not just to please you with its most creative, wonderful and meaningful curves. Like some of us humans we don't like to be normal we like to be out of the ordinary, just the way nature does too.
Some of us imagine things differently than others. When we are walking down the street and you stop to tie your shoe do you ever happen to look up and see the clouds forming shapes you never thought that they could do? If you do you might notice the fluffy bunny chasing after dandelion seeds flowing in the wind or a mad dragon breathing fire towards a night in shining armor blocking the heat by his metal shield. Then it would seem to me that you might have some patients with the Earth's nature. I believe that nature is not really here to cure our unhealthy entertainment; I say nature is here to brighten our lives', make us happy and proud to have this earth as our home. Well my point on that is related on this question... you don't want to live like you were Dorothy on the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, all black and white, honestly Dorothy didn't look very happy to me. She kinda looked liked she didn't know how to be happy.
Do you think that flowers ever have fun getting "pushed around" in the blowing wind like they were to be a victim of a bully attack? Well, I don't say they do get "pushed around" but I see that they are happily practicing their dancing, and if they get really good then they will bloom more luminously then the season before. I believe that the wind is like a record player, playing old, non-lyrical, beautifully sounding records though the wind, as if they to be speakers, making the flowers and grass dancing with the beat of the music. The music being so wonderfully that the flowers, trees, water, and grass wouldn't be able to stop unless the music stopped.

Say you’re driving up to the mountains to go camping at Hot Springs , but on the drive up there you get bored and your mind starts to wonder all over. Then you stop on the side of the high-way, on the way out to the car you don’t happen to notice the litter on the side of the road you just stare at the mountains trying to figure out what they look like to you. Finally! It came to you like an epiphany.
You say to your-self, “WOW! It’s like I’m seeing mountains for the first time.” then you start to laugh a childish laugh, and make an enormous grin. Thinking…
I think my inner child just came back from its vacation because; these mountains now just look like they have giants under them. As if the giants fell asleep and the wind piled up dirt on them.
Its almost like, maybe, the “giants” are hibernating for an eternity. you turn around to get back into the car and realize all the litter around you don’t see how someone can do such a thing out here in this “SHHH” like environment. You pick it up, put into your car and get back onto the road to go camping. What he doesn’t know just yet that his prospective about the world and its great gifts is changed forever.

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