Dear Broken Teenager

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Broken Teenager,

In a teenager's life, going through changes is a part of the deal. It's a new world being introduced to you. A teen goes from being a little kid to a big "little" kid. It's a maturing time and a time to grow up and become a young adult. High school is finally here, and new friends are met, different classes, different faces and new beginnings. For some it's great, but for others, it's not so great.

Some teens deal with low self esteem and confidence. They may feel as though they aren't good enough to the world, they aren't pretty enough, smart enough, or they may feel horrible about themselves. They may even down talk themselves because of those feelings inside. Those are the ones a person should uplift and bring higher, so they can feel good about themselves. You may ask, "What is self-esteem and confidence?"

Self-esteem is the confidence in one's own worth or abilities. It's the respect you have for yourself. A person with high self-esteem may take pride in his or her self. Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. A person with high confidence may feel good about his or her self. They may walk with their head held high and a big smile on their face. Where is that confidence in teens today? Why do we feel so down about ourselves? This needs to come to an end now.

In some instances, teens may feel peer pressure, which brings down their confidence. You may be the girl who wants to be the top cheerleader on the squad but just can't find the courage to try out. You may feel like you can't be as good as those others. Have you ever thought you may be better than those others? You may have potential to becoming a cheerleader. What are you waiting for? Sign up for tryouts. Maybe you're the guy who is afraid to stand out. You have those amazing musical talents to show the world, but you are afraid to let them show. You think other students will think you're a freak or weird. You ever thought that people would accept your abilities? A person will actually like what you do and maybe even want to join in with you. You can start a band and become huge in your school and community. You should go for it!

Many teens deal with low self-esteem and confidence everyday. Some have dealt with it for far too long. Instead if finding a reason to put themselves down, they should find a reason uplift themselves and smile. Look at the good in yourself for a change. No one's perfect is what you hear all the time, and it's true. Teens have to put that in their mind and realize that their is some good in them. They are beautiful people inside and out. It shouldn't matter what the next person has to say, because as long as that person feels good about themselves, then everything else is irrelevant.

Let that confidence you always had come out, and show it to everyone. Let is shine through. Be encouraged to be yourself, and don't care what others have to say, because you are your own person. You are who you are, and the greatest feeling is to feel that self-acceptance that pulls your confidence out and your self-esteem to become high. It's time to take a stand for you. Just let go and let flow. It will be worth it in the end, because now you feel like no one can bring you down. Now sit up straight and stand tall with your head held high, because you deserve to. Be happy.

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