The Escape

November 30, 2007
Dancing upon the ocean blue is the striking sun with its rays reflecting upon the sea. This gleaming view provides a clear reflection upon my own life to shine on the good and sink the mistakes of my past. The crisp aroma of the atmosphere delivers a fresh outlook on my life as I know it. Looming over my body, sequoias tower tall that remind me of my highest points in life and all that are to come. I am at my maximum peak, feeling as if all opportunities are on my way and tangible. The intrinsic nature of the scene surges me with serene peacefulness. Gusting wind swirls me into a daze of hopefulness blowing all my misfortune away and out of mind.
No telephone wires, televisions, or computers in sight; only the breathtaking sight of Santa Cruz to gaze upon. The society which manipulates the brain to presume that only materials are the necessity for happiness escapes the mind and replaces itself with the outlook of simplicity for a healthy heart and soul. The giant pines, the glistening water, the sunset from heaven, all substitute my desire for unsubstantial materialistic values and furnish my new yearnings for uncomplicated blissfulness.
The reverence for the nature inspires a self-improving surge of enlightenment upon my spirit. The conviction that nature is the prime foundation for a content well being arouses me to simplify my life and focus on my opportunities at the providential moments provided. An inhale of my haven and an exhale of all the toxins within my body release all demons and replace the soul with clarity of the past and future. The beauty of the sea and surroundings are ineffable to express into deserving words. Santa Cruz, a majestic sanctuary, serves not only as striking view but also as an escape from all existing tribulations.

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