My Natural High

November 28, 2007
I love the game of basketball; I like to think of it as my natural high. Basketball is not just a sport to me it is how I release all my anger and stress. There are many ways that basketball keeps me out of drugs and making the wrong choices.

Basketball gives me so much pride, enjoyment, and thrill. The pride that overcomes my body during a game makes me realize that I am a trained athlete and I work hard to be where I am today. Most of the pride comes from team work and all the players which is enjoyment. They make me realize we are one and we stand together no matter what. Action, yes action! I love the thrill of the game, especially when we have just a couple of seconds left on the clock. The thrill of it all helps me release all my troubles and the pain that goes on in my everyday life.

When I hear the coach giving us a speech about how far we have come, it inspires me not do drugs and have sex. My team-mates and I are all cool with each other I guess you could say. I would never want to jeopardize something that could be my future and knowing how much my team would need me. Do you really want to be a teen mom and a drug addict, I sure wouldn’t? If one of us fails, we all fail as a team because we are each others responsibilities! We have worked too hard to waste it all!

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