Natural High

November 27, 2007
We’re about to kickoff and my heart is racing. All I can think about is going down the field to go hit someone. When I hit someone I feel in power. When I see him getting up slowly I feel stronger than him. When I am running the ball on offense I feel real good. That’s how I feel about my natural high.
I get excited when we break through the sign and run to the side line. When we get the ball on offense I get excited because we have a good chance to score. When we do score everybody goes and tells the person good job and hits them on the helmet. After we score we go for two points. If we win the coach gets really excited. When the game is over we run into the locker room and coach tells us good game. It feels good when he tells us that.
Football keeps me from doing drugs. If I were to do drugs I wouldn’t be in shape. Since I don’t do drugs I am in shape. Instead of getting involved in drugs I’m too worried about what I’m going to do with my life. If I were to do drugs then you would be able to tell by my performance in football. Football is my natural high because it keeps me concentrated and away from drugs.

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