The World is Changing

November 7, 2010
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I now know I am living in a time where the world is changing-drastically. Each day I begin see more and more of the change, and it scares me. Most are unprepared. Most are uninformed-again, it scares me.
For many years we fought to stop it and are still fighting; but it is unstoppable. For many years it has haunted and taunted us.
We try to prepare, but it does no good. We try to force it out but we have no rightful proven reason to do so, it is against our good but now dooming rules. They are coming-they are here.
Slowly it started, but how quickly it has grown. slowly they came but now it is taking over. Slowly they plotted, this master mind of battle tactics and now it has come to play, secretly, silently. I am scared.
When the big hit strikes we will all be doomed. Only God then can save us. We will have to learn to trust in Him for that then will be the only defense of protection we will have left. For that and hope will only be what is still here for us.
They are taking over whether we want to face that fact or not, now rapidly controlling all- and I am scared. So many do not know and worse, so many do not care nor consider. For it is coming, they are coming, they are here.
Numbers of them so great, so vast, all around us in hiding- blending in with the rest. Some bold to show who they are but most keeping quiet until its time. Deceivers they are towards all other kind except theirs. Manipulators they are making even the most innocent confused and in turn, going to evil. And for when it scares me, it also creates a sadness in my heart. For those that were born out of innocence were trapped and are still by the unknowing. They then will follow what they have been taught. They do not know nor have seen any better.
I, when younger, never did think i would live in a world like this. I never thought we would be a part of history so extreme, so drastic. Now I know and each night I pray to God that He knows what He is doing and has reasoning for what is and will occur. This is our future and we have to face it. I know the many that would and shall call upon me as racist are like me, scared. They try to cover up their fear with lying to themselves because they do not want to face it.
The world and changing and I am scared.

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