Basketball is the Best

November 27, 2007
By Kourtney Redstrom, Hamilton, TX

As the referee blew the whistle I felt my feet rise off the ground, and my hand slapping the rough surface of the basketball to my teammate. Yeah I just won the jump ball I though in my head. I heard Macy our point guard yell four, and I ran to the spot for that play. I started posting up on my girl, and the next thing I knew I had the ball and my body was propelling to the basket for a made shot.

I love basketball it is my natural high. Defense is my favorite. When I steal the ball from the opposing team it feels awesome. The best part of basketball is beating a really hard team. That gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. The game of basketball my natural high is awesome. When I am playing I feel like nothing in the world can stop me. Basketball helps me keep my grades up, it keeps me out of trouble, and it keeps me away from drugs.

Basketball is like my bodyguard it keeps me away from a lot of things especially drugs. If I did drugs they would jeopardize my basketball career. Basketball motivates me to stay away from drugs. I want to go somewhere playing basketball, and I won’t go anywhere if I do drugs. Also you have to be in shape to run down the court. People who are in drugs aren’t in shape. Drugs would not only hurt me they would hurt my teammates. Basketball is a team sport, and people who are on drugs only care about drugs. Plus you are only high for like twenty minutes, and if my team wins I am happy for long time. Winning games are a lot better than wasting twenty minutes killing brain cells.

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