" Forgive Me, Forgive Us All"

November 7, 2010
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Dear Mr. Robinson,

I cannot even begin to express how deeply regretful I am for your unfortunate predicament. It has been nearly a decade since that fateful day in history, which will go down in infamy forever more. And I am sure even in that vast expand of time you have not erased those horrid images of devastation and incineration in your mind. Why I wouldn’t be surprised if your heart was burned down to the ground along with those two mighty towers and all the innocent people inside. But in this length of time, I hope you have understood that did not all take hand in this monstrosity of an event. Some of us were even unbeknownst to the killings that were to take place that retched day. If you have forgiven those twisted men, which I cannot even fathom how to begin, I prey you have at least forgotten them. This is Ganash Versad and I am reaching out not only to save myself, but my entire people from the injustice of the world. I feel so blessed to have been given more opportunities in this land of untold riches. But to gain any such enlightenment from this nation I must have the guiding forces of my savior to discover peace within myself. You too, I’m sure have looked upon another external force to direct you on the path to a life lived honorably. Though we may look up to different Gods, we are not so very diverse. To have any such honor in myself I need to believe that I am not as evil as your men, women, and children make me out to be. We, in the support of Park 51, would never wish to fan the flames of animosity that has long since erupted from the misjudgment of our sacred beliefs. But please, find it in your heart, however tangled with despair, to let our people have a place to worship the true goodness of the world. We are not so dissolute ourselves.

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