Natural High

November 27, 2007
By clayton turner, Hamilton, TX

My heart is palpitating so horribly loud that I can hear it even as I hook up the skies to my feet. The boat engine roars to life and my uncle yells, “Ready?” I scream back, “Not really, but sure o.k.” The boat jumps forward, and the skies start to drag on the water… This is what I do to get my natural high. Not doing drugs with the “cool kids.”

As the skies drag on the water little sprinkles of water splash me in the face. This gives you a feeling unlike any other. This feeling is a feeling that seems to take away all the bad feelings away. Like the worry of the test on Monday. Also it takes away the anger of your little sister always bothering you, and even the anxiety of falling into the water. When I fallibly get up I am on top of the world. Nothing can bring me down.

When you do drugs you feel this way for about ten seconds, but when your skiing the feeling stays as long as you can stay up. The reason that skiing keeps me off drugs is that it is to hard d with out full attention, focus, and strength. If I was on drugs I wound loss attention in my life. I also wound not be able to focus on important things in my life, and I would loss strength and not be able to stand on land much less water. When I ski I feel like a king. I would never trade a pair of skies of a drug that would ruin my life.

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