The legend Part One

November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jake, Jake was, at the time, standing in front a big wide stone that held engraved text on it, while he was reading it a bolt of piercing hot lighting shot through the sky hitting Jake and the stone breaking it. Jake awoke the next morning in screaming pain, a girl ran into the room shushing him to be quite while saying, "Jake, calm down" and Jake looked at the girl while calming down. "Thank you" said the girl while checking on the casts, Jake looks at the little girl and thinks, "she's got to be at least twelve" the girl looks at him and says, "what?" Jake looks at her saying, "How old are you" the girl giggles and says, "I'm twelve, and you are" Jake looks at her and says slowly "I'm sixteen, " The girl looks at him asking "and your name?" Jake scratching his head for a moment said, "I thought you already knew my name" the girl giggled while saying, "it was a test to see if you had gone stupid, I guess not" Jake giggled and said, "thanks for taking me in, even though you are a little young to be taking care of a sixteen year old." A woman walks in saying, "It was actually my idea that I had" she said, 'I had' while looking at the girl; the little girl nervously ran out of the room and sat on the couch. "Hi, I'm Caitlin" a hand was waiting to be shock by Jake but there was no shaking "hi, I'm Jake, I'm sorry to bother you" the older girl shook her head and said, "you're no bother to us, Jake." Jake looks at them while saying "so what happened to my legs?" the younger girl runs to the room saying "we were walking by when we smelled a scent of burning skin, we followed the scent to you and what looked like a broken stone with text, we read some of the text it said 'read this text and you will be chosen if you are the chosen one' I read this over and over and over again trying to discover the riddle" the boy played back the riddle over and over again until he raises one finger when they start leaving, he says "wait, did it say what a lightning bolt means?" the woman and the girl think "well I think it said 'if you get struck with the bolt from the heavens then your chosen'" the older girl says. The boy looks surprised, saying, "So, I'm the chosen one? For what,"

The author's comments:
this piece is half of a story i wrote including Jake, Kaitlin and the other girl, Jake finds out that he has powers

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