Helping Elderly

November 27, 2007
By Breanna Hedegard, Hamilton, TX

My mom and I enjoy visiting the elderly at the nursing home where my step father stays, which is one of my natural highs. They turn my frown upside down or sometimes it’s them turning my frown upside down. I would rather help them because that’s what makes me feel good, rather than going out with friends that go and abuse drugs. They might be sad because there family does not come and visit them, or it might be because the nurses are treating them with disrespect. They enjoy us being there all the time to visit. Sometimes they say they want there brother’s, sister’s, or grandchildren, but don’t always get to visit with them because they either don’t care or they have deceased. Even though we are not family we take them in as if we were. They keep me busy so that I don’t get into drugs and kill myself.
One reason my mom and I enjoy being with the elderly is to brighten their day with some fun games, instead of going with my bad friends and getting messed up on drugs. My mom and I enjoy playing games, they liked my mom an I being so very kind that my mom got to take a computer test for 6 to 8 months to be the activity director, and I am taking classes right know, so that I can become an activity director outside of high school. My mom and I enjoy playing games with them; because when we walk into their room’s they always have a big smile on their face. They have never once turned out to have a frown on their face until we are leaving because they want us to stay longer. That is one way that keeps me clean from abusing drugs.
Another thing I like doing with the elderly is helping them, such as in there exercises, and getting them a nurse when needed. Some days I will walk into the nursing home and they will all be lined up waiting to go do their exercises. So therefore when I walk in I set my backpacks down and walk or wheel them down to do there exercises. I also get to help the nurses deliver their medicines, but remember you have to watch them closely cause if not they will not take their medications. I will try and be there after school to meet their needs. My mom and I enjoy it so much that she wants me to take after her and try out for nursing or etc. That is my natural high and what helps me stay clean from drugs. If I were caught up in drugs, I would not be able to take care of them.

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