My Battle Field

November 26, 2007
By Rubisel Ramirez, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is playing army games like battle field two modern combat. I am really good at Battle Field 2 because I am ranked major. I passed through the whole game. I was excited that I finished the game. You met people that became your friend and fought against other people. You can get higher weapon like rapid fire.

Playing my army game gives me excitement because you don’t know what to expect next in the game, and that you can kill people with any weapon you have. You can get on a helicopter or kill the enemy that is the helicopter, and you can do the same with a land and water vehicles. You can be any kind of person like a supporter or special ops. Each soldier has about five weapons. When you kill a person, blood doesn’t come out, and some times they fly when you shoot them with a shotgun or RPG. You can blow any vehicles like a tank, helicopter, and some more vehicles. You can help your friend when they need help before they get killed by the enemy. There is different spots in the game, and that there are different missions.

My natural high motivates me to stay away from drugs like keeping me concentrated on the game. Trying to see if you can pass the level? You can be great leader in your mission and a commander. That it is better to play and kill a lot of people, blowing them up with a tank and helicopter. It takes time to do your mission. It’s fun to kill the person with a sniper rifle. That is my natural high.

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