Daniel, It's Time

November 5, 2010
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I know it's hard getting over someone you had a lot with, and you loved so much. Trust me, I've had my share of experiences, but this one seems to really not get out of my system. When I love someone, I really show it, and I'm sure you guys do too.

Daniel was a really gorgeous guy, but he wasn't all that gorgeous in the past. He used to have really ugly hair, bad teeth, dressed horribly, and overall was not the cutest bird in the sky. It wasn't until eighth grade when Daniel really caught my eye. At the time I was coping with the loss of another lover. Daniel was so good looking. Trust me honey, it was like he went to makeover rehab. I know shocking, right? Anywho, he really developed a nice, handsome appearance, and to make it even better he had a really nice personality that made him shine like a star in the sky. Notice my wonderful metaphors/similes. Ha-ha.

A few weeks had past, and our eighth grade class was studying the Holocaust, and we were all going on a field trip to The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. My teacher was Ms. Nicolaides, and all of Ms. Nicolaides' classes sat in the same bus. Daniel had her with me, but I didn't notice him much at that time. When we left the museum, and we were on the bus back home; I was staring at him, and really observing his appearance, and I thought to myself,

"Wow, he really is cute. How come I didn't notice him before?"

But, I knew I had no chance. He was like the straightest guy at school, and I'm sure he hated the Gays. I was wrong, though. I told my friend, Javie that I liked Daniel, and of course he took his stupid blabber mouth to Daniel, and told him. I was extremely embarrassed, and I was so scared. I didn't want to be humiliated. Javie kept teasing me, and saying that Daniel was Bisexual, but I knew that was just utterly ridiculous. Like, honestly how could he be Bisexual? Yeah, I know. Total stupidity. Anyways, honey, I went home that day so tired, and glad to be away from the rumors, media, and "paparazzi." I know I'm making it sound like I'm a celebrity, but heck I wanna make this fun, and a little spicy. Wow, that was cheesy.

When I went to bed, I fell right asleep. I woke up the next morning, checked my phone, and there it was....

It was a text message from Daniel....

Stay Tuned. You're going to wanna know more.


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michaeldavila said...
Nov. 24, 2010 at 12:44 am
 by the way the Daniel above ^^^^^ isnt the daniel i am talking about.
sello said...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 9:23 pm
its daniel ahaha i published something weeks ago but they havent put it up!
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