My generations role in the future of poltics

November 5, 2010
By , , MO
My generation has a huge role in America’s future. These roles are based in politics, economics and the job industry. But if we don’t educate ourselves on how we perform these roles we will not be able to save our future. These jobs and roles that we must perform will save our country from chaos in the distant future.

Right now what country faces is political war. Our whole country has split itself into a multiple of political groups that could cause another civil war, therefore leaving a huge opening to other countries to gain control over us. For example what my generation can do is amend these problems and further bring us into unification. With a small bit of political power we could begin to help change our future step after step to benefit our future here in America.

Another problem facing America is our economics. We waste so much every day from fossil fuels, forests, paper, food and tons of other things that are quickly running out. But my generation at this very moment is working diligently to help clean up this mess only to be unheard of and misunderstood by government. In fact we use free time that we have in our day just to clean up our communities and neighborhoods.

Also we have to fix our job industry which (according to the Bureau of labor statistics) 9.6% of Americans are currently unemployed and others in poverty and a total of 1,572,597 Americans (in a twelve month period) filled for bankruptcy. My generation can fix this by going to college and getting educated in different fields in order to help start businesses to open job opportunities for those that lost or have never had a job. The top two fields that will have the most job opportunities are registered nurses and home health aides.

Also we have to fix our rights as citizens here in America. Everyday people have to file lawsuits because of our rights being broken everyday. The most widely broken rights are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the freedom of petition. My generation can fix the freedom of religion by fighting for more open religion in our communities. We can fix freedom speech by allowing for more open campaigning in very biased matters like racism and healthcare in America. By keeping people informed of very important matters in our government we can fix our problems with freedom of press. To fix freedom of petition in America we could allow for more people to speak out about healthcare and taxation above the government in order to open up new ideas about problems that are deemed very important by our citizens.

The next thing that needs to be fixed is the way we tax people. Taxing has gotten in way over our heads these past couple of years and needs to be resolved. When it comes to tax time citizens become majorly overwhelmed of the small little taxes that are out that suck up all of our yearly income. My generation could fix this by change these taxes to make things simpler and more affordable without sucking our government deeper and deeper into debt.

Also we need to unify our country and bring them together to become a safer country and to let other countries know that we aren’t weak and that we aren’t trying to overpower one another and that we are truly brothers and sisters in this country God has created for us. My generation can do this by supporting one another giving help to those in need and advertise well being and peace to all who inhabit this country.

Another problem with America is that our government is spending way too much on such ridiculous things. Right now China owns approximately $740 billion of our debt and all the government is proposing is a bailout which will cost taxpayers up to $ 25 billion. So when will our government do anything within budget our government deeper and deeper into debt. Well my generation can help by studying politics and proposing great ideas that could lower our governments spending and slowly pull us out of debt.

We also don’t have traditional families anymore. Instead we have unwed women and teenagers getting pregnant every day and that causes the birth rate to go up so much that in 2007 they marked that the birth rate was another baby boom. My generation can fix this by encouraging safe sex and teaching teens about the harmful effects of sex before marriage. Doing this may lower the birth rate in our future and we will be able to bring back traditional families in America.
Lastly we have to fix our problem with our healthcare plan. Our healthcare right now is considered a restricted market. By this I mean that the insurance industry is a group of profit-seeking firms, but consumers do not have free choice to switch between the market alternatives.
Also the United States is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee access to health care as a right of citizenship. My generation can fix this by making our healthcare a free market and propose that we should add guaranteed access to health care as a right of citizenship. Doing this may help people put more faith in our government to take care of us.

These are some of the things that my generation must do in order to secure a specific role in America’s future. And I believe that with a little support from our friends and families we can begin to change our country for a better future for all America.

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