“Your future is what you make it.”

November 5, 2010
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Being 15 was the start of it all, bringing forth on what changed his family and his own reputation. Darryl Warnings trite habit earned him money. “I still regret it, and it was never worth it.” Darryl said. “It changed my life and had ruined the relationships with myself and many people.” The fear of the cops and expulsion from the school was enough for this boorish young man.

Sophomore year was the year when Darryl’s life was changed and all switched around. The habit of selling Adderall was what got him into the most trouble he’s ever been in. Darryl was a sophomore at Appleton West High school when all this happened. Every day he would go to school and desperate kids would want to buy Adderall. Darryl took the opportunities to sell and make all the money he could get. He thought it was a “sketchy” thing to do. He didn’t know many of the people that were asking him for it because the word got out so quickly. He didn’t know if they were good people to sell to or not, or if they would just rat me out. Getting random texts that would just ask for Adderall and not even knowing who they were. They would all say “Do you have any Adderall? Or Pills?” Darryl would just ignore the texts and move on with his day. Even People Darryl never expected asked him if he had any. “It was sketch to sell to them, so I just told them I didn’t have any because I didn’t want anything to go bad.” Darryl explained.

Darryl believed he was an adept young boy by doing this at school until the day he got caught March 23, 2009 a month after he started selling. This forever changed his life. “I never expected to get caught I thought that I handled it really well, until someone called the school about my bad behavior that was happening.” Darryl said. This turned his whole life around, facing felony charges, and expulsion from the Appleton area school district. “It was a scary situation that could’ve messed up my life even more.” Darryl claimed. After a year of being kicked out he got accepted to come back to Appleton west to finish up his senior year of high school. Throughout the year he got expelled he went to Dan Spalding academy where he did online classes.
The police ended up sending him to shelter care for two weeks, the worse punishment he got was 40 hours of community service he had to do. “It was not fun at all; it took me forever to do.” He did community service at the Restore, rang bells at stores, and helped out at good will for awhile. Darryl admits that his lesson was learned to not bring drugs to school and to stay away from them because drugs interfere with education and mess up your whole life.

Darryl became more aware of the danger of dealing with drugs and other things similar to that, the consequences of those actions are a lot worse then some people think they are. He never expected to get into this much trouble; he never looked to the other side of getting caught. “I always thought everything was okay” With Darryl being oblivious about him selling and getting caught he never realized the reputation and stress it put on his family. Darryl has two brothers and one sister, Isaiah age 15, Jayden age 8, and Lexy age 10 and a mom who takes care of this whole family. Darryl’s dad walked out on the family when he was 6 and passed away when Darryl was 9 years old. Darryl’s mom looks at Darryl more of a grown up, because of everything he has been through. She knows he can take care of himself and that he won’t get into anymore trouble because of the mistakes he has previously made.
When Darryl got caught Mrs. Warnings cried so much for a long time with disappointment, she couldn’t even look at him the same “It hurt me to see her cry over something I did that made her cry.” Darryl said. He’s never been so devastated, especially realizing the reputation he had put onto his little brothers and sister. He wanted to be a good roll model for them but after this he can’t even stand knowing on what they think of him. Darryl whimpered. “It felt like it ruined everything between my family, it tore us apart, we are not as close as we used to be.”
Many people thought Darryl as different. Getting caught was a horrendous change; Darryl used to be friends with everyone and got along with a lot of people at school. Now after this they all think of him differently, in a disappointed way. I interviewed Blake Otto an old good friend of Darryl’s to get a look on his side of view. Darryl and Blake have been friends for 5 years; they were like brothers always together, pretty much attached by the hip. They met through Stephanie Dedrich when they went camping with her. Blake and Darryl aren’t as good of friends as they used to be. They don’t talk as much, mainly because of what had all happened. “I thought that he made a huge mistake and that he got a bad reputation from it and it could’ve messed up his whole life, I wanted to be there for him through all of this but I knew that it would just ruin everything for me knowing people look at him poorly now.” Blake said. “We used to play street basketball all the time, go camping, hangout with people, and go to football games, until he started getting into selling Adderall.” After Darryl getting caught they lost there friendship. Blake didn’t want to be seen with him; also his parents found out and didn’t want him hanging out with someone that could leave a bad influence on him. “Over the years we have been talking a little bit more.” Darryl has changed as a person and learned from his mistakes. He is much more aware now to not do bad things like that because it can ruin anyone’s life and much happier when they don’t do that. “He has changed as a whole and I think it is for the best of him.”
“A typical day now at school is a blast not worrying about getting into trouble and I can have a fun free day. I can go fishing, boating, go to football games, graduate with my class 2011 and do all of the other fun stuff every other teenager does.” Darryl said. “I feel like a better person now knowing I don’t have to feel paranoid of getting caught. It’s lifted off of my shoulders now that I don’t have to deal with selling anymore. I’m a 17 year old boy and feel like a whole new person.”As Darryl would say, “Your future is what you make it.”

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