Listening to Music

November 26, 2007
By Kathryn Williams, Hamilton, TX

When I am down, there is always one thing I can do to cheer me up and brighten my day. This one thing that I could never get tired of and helps me stay off drugs would have to be listening to music. Listening to music is the one and only thing that can help me get up and go on with my life. I love to listen to many different genres of music. My favorite would have to be country by far, but I still enjoy listening to other types of music such as: hip hop and pop! Anytime I am down or sad I can always turn on the radio to my favorite station and listen to my favorite type of music!

When I listen to any country music, I always think it tells a story and it makes me realize what is really happening in my life! One song for example would have to be “What Do You Think about That” by: Montgomery Gentry because it talks about how people can say all they want, but they don’t care what they say about them. Even though country music is what I love, I also like pop music too. I really like the song “When You’re Gone” by: Avril Lavigne. It really says how much you miss someone that anything you do reminds you of them, but then after you have had your little fit you finally get over them! Listening to music helps me stay off drugs because it helps me calm down while listening to music instead of getting high just because I am mad at something or someone!

My natural high is listening to music and it keeps me off drugs. I think that any music would help me, but country really helps me! It may be pop, hip hop, or even rock, but I don’t think it matters because it will help me stay off drugs and not want to get high or even think about doing drugs! I also think that if you have an interest it will help you stay off drugs also. You should always pick your interest over doing drugs it will help you in the long run and in your life in the future. This is what I think and I think you should take a risk and try having a hobby or an interest instead of doing drugs!

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