Football is the Best

November 26, 2007
By James Thompson, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is football. It gets me excited when the last bell at school rings. I know it is getting closer to my teams game. When we arrive to anther field. When ever I get my helmet on. When I make a good play. When ever coach gives me the ball. I get excited when I get a first down because I fight to get the first.

Pride to me is every on cheering for you. I enjoy it because im bigger than most people other teams and it is hard for them to take me down. The thrill of just being on the field. Also when I get the ball and try my hardest to get a first down. Even when you don’t know what coming up next. Even when coach doesn’t yell at you.

Football is athletic, so if I smoke or drink, it will slow me down and I don’t want that to happen. If you get caught you could get kick off the team. But most in portent you would let your team down. I don’t ever want to try drugs because I want to go into military and that is athletic. That it why I play football. I have told u my natural high.

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