Riding Dirt Bikes

November 26, 2007
My natural high is riding dirt bikes. When you are riding as fast as you can and feel the wind blow through your hair, it will give you the edge. The edge is what makes riding fun. It makes you want to go faster than you ever have. Riding bikes is fun and amazing. Just be out in the woods jumping logs, and going through water, is all worth it.

To be able to ride bikes, you have to stay in shape. If I wasn’t in shape, then I wouldn’t be able to ride. That’s what motivates me into riding. If I wasn’t riding, then I wouldn’t know what to do. I wouldn’t be in shape or healthy. Being healthy and in shape is all part of the game. If I wasn’t in shape or healthy then I wouldn’t be able to ride like everyone else.

My Natural High and inspires me to stay away from drugs because if I did then I wouldn’t be able to ride. It cost more money to do drugs, than it does to ride. I wouldn’t be healthy or in shape. I had rather be riding bikes than getting aids or getting in to trouble. Drugs are very bad for your body, and could stop me from riding bikes. Riding is really fun, and that is what gives me my Natural High.

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