The Drums

November 26, 2007
By James Neal, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is playing the drums. Drums are my favorite instrument. There are many different kinds of drums I play that help me get over my problems. Just being near a drum makes me want to play it. I can say that I’m addicted to playing the drums. Why do I need drugs when I got drums?

I enjoy playing the drums because it gets my blood flowing. Every time I hit a drum, it reminds me to practice and practice, knowing that one day I’ll be great at it. The thrill that I receive from playing knows that one day I can be a famous drummer. I also put a lot of pride in playing the drums because some day, I will go off to college, and be on the drum line. Playing the drums just make me feel good about myself. Every time I play, I can learn more. It’s unique to me because there are so many different rhythms I can come up with. I feel that every time I play the drums, I’m creating something new.

Playing the drums inspires me to stay away from drugs. Drums calm me down more than any drug can! Anytime I get mad, all I have to do is bang the drums until my anger goes away. I don’t think there’s any drug in the world that calms you down, excites you, or makes you inspired to do anything. Playing the drums solves all of those problems for me. It can take me an hour to get over anything that troubles me. But, playing the drums just kind of persuades me to stay away from drugs. There’s no drug, alcohol, or tobacco that can help me out with my problems except playing the drums.

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