November 26, 2007
My natural high is softball. I love to play it, because it gets me excited. I have been told that I’m pretty good, but I think there is a long ways to go. I still have to improve on my throwing and batting. It is basically my life; I play it during the whole summer, and try to get into camps during the year. What gets me excited is when I see the ball coming to me, and I know I have to get my game face on and play my part. When I hit the ball, and feel the force impact, and everyone cheering me on, I know I made a success.

It gives me the excitement of knowing that I have to do the littlest things right or everything can go wrong. Even though I seem to get hot in my uniform, since I am a catcher, it’s not really hot because it actually cools you down. When I’m out of breath from running, I know I have done a good job. Because if you are out of breath you know that you have worked hard. If you are breathing easily and steadily, you need to step your game up. I love it when I get someone out at home, or throw someone out at a base, it makes me happy to know that I have helped my team to make a victory, or win the game.

My natural high motivates me to stay away from drugs, because if I do drugs I won’t be able to have the excitement of the game. Softball is also my life and without it I would be nothing, so if I had the drugs in my life, I probably wouldn’t be anything anymore, I would just be that girl on drugs instead of that amazing athlete that I want to be. Drugs are not my passion, softball is. If I did drugs I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals or be what I want to. Basically what I want in my life is softball, and not drugs. Teens should stay away from drugs and reach their long term or short term goals and be everything they want to be. Well at least that’s what I think!

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