My Football

November 26, 2007
By jordan robbins, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is playing football with my all my friends. After football season was over in Jr. High, I went to off season with my friends and I liked it better than playing pad football, I didn’t get stuck with whatever position the coach gave me, all I did was get out there with my friends and have fun, good old fashion fun. It didn’t matter what the weather was like nobody cared as long as we had a football and two teams.

The first time we started to play we came there about seven o clock in the morning it was about I don’t know about 68 degrees, but the funny thing is that we didn’t have a football to play with so we used a Gatorade bottle, I think that I get a since of pride because I know my friends will always help m and cheer me up so I can do the same for them.

Playing football with my friends inspires me to do better things than do drugs until I kill my self. My friends have always helped me through hard times and my friends have always been there and I always do the same so instead of sitting around doing your self no good with drugs get and toss the ball around and have fun.

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