My Natural High

November 26, 2007
I love to play sports and video games with my friends. I mostly like to listen to my Ipod though. As the teacher says that’s my natural high, so here I am writing this paper. I’ll tell you the truth I’m not doing this for fun or grades I’m just for the money so I can have nice stuff to keep me from getting in trouble. When I’m using my Ipod I’m not giving a care in the world I’m forgetting about whet I’ve had done to me, or why my life is bad when I feel that way. Like when my parents got a divorce I thought I should do drugs to kill myself because I thought it was my fault.

When I first got my Ipod I didn’t think about how much I would want it when I got in trouble. I enjoy when my friends get an Ipod, because they think I’m so cool. They love the music I listen to and the games and movies I have for it. I make new friends sometimes because they know I have an Ipod. They come over to my house, and show them how to use it and what you can use it with. We play games together when the songs and other things are downloading. We slowly become great friends that talk all the time. Most of the friends I meat have convinced me not to do drugs because they have showed me that there is more to life then thinking about whether I should die or not.

I enjoy downloading songs because there are so many different songs to choose from. I like listening to the previews because some times I don’t have any money. When I download songs I can’t wait to put them on my Ipod. After I put them on my Ipod I love to listen to them just because their new. That’s how I really keep away from drugs. The reason it keeps me from drugs is, if I’m high or something like that I’ll not feel like downloading songs anymore. My dad knows I’m always on the computer. When he notices I’m not on the computer he will think there’s something wrong with me, and then he will catch me and I’ll never see my Ipod again.

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