My Basketball

November 26, 2007
By maggie blanton, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is playing basketball. Whenever I am mad or just bored, I like to go to a basketball court and just shoot hoops. Basketball is a lot of fun for me. When I’m playing basketball, it makes me feel good inside because it is not only really good for my well-being but it makes me feel like I am doing something useful with my time.

When I play basketball in a game or if I’m just by myself, I get a rush of excitement from my head to my toes. I think that my natural high is unique from everyone else’s because I don’t consider basketball just a sport that I enjoy spending my spare time doing. I think of this wonderful sport as a thrill or a pleasure that is a part of who I am. Since I think so highly of my great hobby I would never resort to drugs, for I know that I could never get the pleasure doing anything else but basketball.

I like to play basketball because it is an extra hobby that keeps me not only away from drugs but danger, and the wrong friends. I love basketball so much that I would never even try drugs, for I know that it could hurt my abilities to play basketball. When I think of how much I love basketball and how many places it could take me, I also think about my future. I know that if I keep playing basketball, and stay away from drugs my future will be great.

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