My Three Sports

November 26, 2007
By payden nolen, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is playing football, basketball, and running track. I’m okay in all three of those sports. Playing sorts gets me really excited. Playing football is my favorite of all, because I get to hit people and not get into any trouble. I love football so much I never think of drugs, I know if I do drugs it will be hard to accomplish anything.

I enjoy sports because I can use my anger in a healthy way, instead of doing drugs. If I don’t do drugs, the kids that look up to me will not do drugs either. I would rather dedicate my life to setting good examples, rather than doing drugs. Playing sports gives me pride. I get pride from playing sports because it makes me feel great when I help my team accomplish rather hard tasks. If someone one my team was to do drugs, I would go have a talk with that person and try to get them off of drugs.

My natural high leaves me with a choice of doing drugs or taking care of my family, my team, and myself. I pick taking care of all those things over throwing my life away. I enjoy football, because I can get closer with my friends, and we can tell each other not to drugs. One day I made a promise to my team that I will never do drugs. My team trusts that I will not do drugs, and I can’t break a promise.

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