Poetry and Me

November 26, 2007
I rely on poetry whenever I’m feeling any overpowering emotion. Poetry is my personal strategy for coping with life’s stressors and challenges. Writing clears my head and offers insight to my puzzling thoughts and feelings. Poetry organizes my opinions on a subject. It is a healthy way of venting anger without getting punishment for overreacting. Poetry is the only thing that can relax me or invigorate me whenever I need it to, and that’s why writing it is my natural high.

I get a rush of excitement and pride each time I write an emotional, inspirational, or personal poem. I become incredibly ecstatic when I think of a poetry idea that I adore. I’m overcome with an intense feeling of pride when one of my poems soars to its potential. My poetry journal is a trust confident of mine. I can tell it my deepest and most personal thoughts of mine and feel assured that it will tell no one. It allows me to release my feelings without being judged. Writing about my problems is my way of confronting them instead of fleeing from them. Poetry lets me release anger and sorrow instead of becoming consumed by them.

Poetry is my consistent reminder that recreational drugs are not requisite for life. My poems written in the past remind me of my previous hardships and misery. Knowing that those obstacles were overcome without drugs reminds me that I do not require them to resolve my problems. This reassures me that drugs will never be my solution but will only be a problem. Doing drugs would make me become someone else with different thoughts. Each time I read my poems, I realize I enjoy my unique way of thinking, and I do not want that to change. Writing poetry keeps me emotionally stable, and I’m not going to jeopardize that stability for drugs. All of my poems give me anticipation for my future, and I’m confident that it will be drug free.

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