My Favorite Sport

November 26, 2007
By Charlene McDonald, Gustine, TX

I love to play sports, but my favorite sport is basketball. I love the sport because it gets my adrenalin flowing. In a game you become so open minded and aware of every move the opposing team makes. Your heart starts to pound because of all the excitement. When you run at full speed down the court; it makes you feel like you could fly. It also helps me release stress when I’m playing defense.

I feel really proud about myself whenever I rebound the ball and make a basket. As I see someone make a shot and miss, I know what I’m about to do. I jump as high as I possibly can and grab the ball out of the air. I jump back up and shoot. Swish, the ball goes in the basket. I smile with pride as I sprint back down to the other end of the court.

Basketball helps me stay away from drugs because I have my mind sent on practicing. If I don’t practice, I can’t get better at it. If I do drugs I’m not going to be able to keep up. My teammates help me stay away from drugs. Not only that, but if I do drugs I would let my teammates down because I wouldn’t be able to play. I would hate it if I got kicked out of basketball. I know now that I will never do drugs so I can keep playing and being good at my game.

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