Red Heart Perfection

November 26, 2007
By Kassie Ray, White Pine, MI

As I walk through the black automatic doors, I walk straight toward my favorite isle. My mom's talking but i don't hear a word I am sounding her out because I am just so exited. I make eye contact with a stranger that has skuzzy cloths on and looks like he hasn’t taken a shower in months, maybe even years. I could taste the griddy dirt that covered his face. I quickly look down at the white and tan squares that are laid down as tile. I could barely wait as the excitement rushed through my veins.

I turn the corner and now I am in the perfume isle. All I smell is flowers mixed with axe, and many other different smells. I stop and look at the new perfume that’s half off. Almost forgetting why I was there. I smell it, it smells good to me its in a blue bottle with tiny hearts hanging from the top of it. I turn left and then right down a little isle full of sports equipment. Then i see them I walk closer and I am standing right in front of the black shelf filled with others. I am very picky when it comes to this but there just so perfect.

Their black with little white and red stars and hearts all over both sides. The laces are white with black hearts that really pop out when there on the plain white laces. On the inside of the shoe there was smaller red hearts on the black. I also spotted out that there was smallish holes on the top of the tip of the shoe. The tongue is also black and has the same star and hearts design, but only half way up the tongue. At the top is say DVS in capital letters. They smelled like new shoe, to me that’s always a good smell. I grabbed the nearest box that had my size on them. I was ready to wear them the next day in school.

I must say I was pretty nervous about wearing them, and how people would react to them. I wore them the next day and it turned out everybody loved them. They were original and really cutie I must say. Those shoes lasted me two years, then in 5th grade I finally grew out of them.

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