November 25, 2007
The rumbling made the inside of my head clutter with noise and motion, making me feel as if I was insane for a short while. I'd imagine that's how it feels to literally go crazy.

Have you ever had issues with your mental health? Check yes or no.
errr, wrong.
Score 10 for being a liar.
I realized I lie about pretty much everything, no matter how important or insignificant. Even when I honestly do NOT have to lie, I do.
It could be as simple as my mom asking where I was when I was at Anna's and I tell her I was driving around in Willow Springs. Why? Because it's a habit I suppose.

"You're crying, are you okay?"
"Are you alright, really?"
"uh huh"
"You look so sad, are you sure youre going to be okay?"

Life, as a whole, everyones lives combined, its all so dramatic.
We don't ask for any of this, but we're served more then we can handle, more then we ever thought we would end up having to deal with.
Complaining seems so petty when people are so worse off.
I want to kill myself just for feeling as if my life is so bad, when i know its not.
I actually dont even think my life is bad, at all, I'm just ungrateful and cannot stand the fact that I don't appreciate living.
& i'm back on my old habit again.
Wouldn't it suck if my mom just found out.
Yes it would.

My head is spinning.
I might explode.

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