That is What College Has Taught Me

November 25, 2007
I have no morals and that is what college has taught me.
My ethics are being put to the test and they are losing more than I am losing and I sit and wonder how that is possible.
It's so easy to lose your morals beneath all of the new faces and familiar touches even though I've never felt them from these people before.
It's easy to get distracted and forget about what matters but maybe I am not forgetting at all. College changes your priorities and your desires and it effects the past and it effects the future.

And while he touches me, while they all touch me and talk to me and laugh with me and surround me with love and comfort I sit and I think about the night at the park when we layed in the wet grass and made shapes out of the clouds. You could never see the shapes I saw and I could never see the dragons you saw. I think about how we looked up at the clouds in the sky and imagined people sitting up on them, with their legs dangling off, watching us watch them, imagining us imagining them.

And that's all the world is.
A distraction.
We can find a distraction for almost anything and we can stop caring about anything really.

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