One or the Other

November 24, 2007
I was with Calli and Alissa at a pool party at Alison’s house. It was getting dark and we were becoming very bored. Ben and Zane wanted to ditch and mess around in the neighborhood. So we ditched, went to get David to come with us, and off we went being regular stupid teenagers. We had so much fun doing some things we probably shouldn’t have (nothing bad don’t worry!). Well, we got to know each other better, and we became pretty good friends. So how would I have known that I would soon have to choose between them and my best friend?

I gradually started spending more time with Calli and Alissa at school, and I found myself starting to like David, but that I kept to myself. One bight, sunny October day, while I was eating lunch with Amy, Morgan and a few other people, Calli walked up with Alissa and said:

“David’s gunna ask you out.”

With mixed emotions I managed to blurt a confused “what?” Calli still serious, replied

“David’s gunna ask you out.”

All I could say then was, “Really? Really? Really?” over and over. She handed me a folded up piece of paper. Confused, I took it and she walked off. Nervously I slowly unfolded the piece of paper to see in huge writing that read:

David is going to ask you out!! Do you like him?
Reply fast!!


Still in the lunch room I reached for my pencil and wrote:

AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yes, I like him!!!

I folded it back up and ran across the lunch room, to give it back to Calli. When I back to my table with Amy and Morgan. I started listening to what they were saying as best I could, which wasn’t very successful until they started making fun of me, and Amy continued saying things like “You don’t love us anymore” and “You love Calli more than us”. The bouncing on the balls of my feet slowed just a little when this happened. I was so sick of her saying stuff like this, it had been going on for days. By now I felt like cussing so bad at her, but I held my tongue and finished my lunch.

After eating, I went to hang with Calli like always. When she saw me, she walked up and said “David is gunna ask you out after school, ok?” Then, I just couldn’t hold still, when I was standing I would bounce on the balls of me feet, when I was sitting I would swing or bounce my legs. I just couldn’t hold still no matter how hard I tried!

I watched the clock the next two classes impatiently. I was so excited and so nervous, I still couldn’t stop moving! The last 10 minutes of school just about killed me! I was counting down the seconds by the time the bell rang. I walked to my locker, trying to look normal. When I was getting my stuff out of my locker, Amy looked really frustrated because I was so excited. Well I was frustrated that she didn’t even care that I was just about to be asked out by an amazing guy. He came and asked me out, I said yes and he went to catch his bus. I could have skipped all the way home I was so happy, that Amy, Marley, and Morgan got really mad at me, so I ended up walking most of the way home by myself.

It was a Tuesday so I had to work; I work as a Teacher’s aid at my dance studio. On Tuesday’s I teach one class, then go to one class. So, I got home had a snack, put on a leotard and tights pulled my pants on over top, put my hair in a ponytail and went to work. After that, the day was long and boring.

Wednesday finally came I got up and got ready. We got to school and I found Calli and hung out with her like always. We waited for the guys to get there. When they came, we went and gave our guys hugs, Calli to Ben, Alissa to Zane and me to David. We were standing there talking and Calli started getting after me and David because we didn’t like have our arms around each other or anything. So I grabbed David’s hand, which is amazing by the way, and we held hands until the bell rang but then we had to go to class.

Later Alissa asked me if I could go to a haunted house on Friday. I said that I would ask my parents, and that I would do everything possible to convince them to let me go.

Amy and Marley wouldn’t stop bugging me about me hanging out with calli and how they ate a “bad influence” on me; it was a very hard day, being a Wednesday with nothing but homework to distract me, just a long boring day.

The days flew by Friday came, and I got to go to the haunted house. I walked to calli’s after school. At 5:00, we went to Alissa’s. We hung out there for about a half hour before Zane came and an hour before David came. We had to wait for Alissa’s parents to come with the pizza. When they got there we went into the kitchen to get some, then we went in the family room to eat it. I sat by David on the couch, he finished before me and put his arm around me. Calli was sitting on the other couch, and Zane and Alissa had gone outside when I finished my pizza. Calli and David kept having contests to see who could keep a straight face the longest, but they got bored with that and Calli kept mouthing something to me that looked like “kiss him” but I wasn’t sure so I kept a confused look on my face until she looked at David and asked

“Hey David, do you know what lip lock means?” At that moment I knew exactly what she wanted me to do, and I wouldn’t go for it, not in front of her in Alissa’s house anyway.

“Yeah” he answered without emotion, Calli looked at me with an urging look and gesture.

I glared at her and strongly said “no.” so she dropped it. We all plied into Alissa’s mom’s car, Alissa and Zane in the back, me, Calli and David in the front, Alissa’s mom driving. David put his arm around me again, and I leaned as close to him as the seat belt would let me, which wasn’t close enough! When we got there, we all got out into the cold windy raid but David held me close, while we waited for everyone else to get there. Calli kept bugging David so he would have to go push her around, but he always came back to keep me warm.

When everyone got there we went, and got our tickets, and got in line, they were showing Pirates of the Caribbean: the Dead Man’s Chest for those waiting in line. We quickly got to the front of the line, because it was a bad night for an outside haunted house.

We walked through the haunted house, me and David with our arms around each other, when we got to the end, we all wanted to go again, so we got back in ling, and got out tickets. David bought mine this time because, I didn’t have any more money, and got in line again, The Dead Man’s Chest was not yet over. It was at the part where they are about to abandon ship and Elizabeth goes to kiss jack, that was the only part of the entire night that was really awkward. I mean, your sitting there holding hands with your boyfriend watching a movie and they start making out normally you would kiss right? Well that’s why it was awkward.

We went trough again, this time we went as a foursome Zane, Alissa, me and David. Zane and Alissa kept their arms around each other, but David and I held hands. Our fingers were intertwined, but I stroked the back of his hand with my other hand, not only to keep it warm but because it felt so good in my hands I just wanted to hold it forever.

At the end we waited by the fire that they had set up bye the exit and waited for the rest of the group to finish. I still held David’s hand, as we walked back to the car, my mom called, and I was praying that David and Zane would be quiet until I was off, because there weren’t supposed to be any guys there.

The car rice was amazing, we sat where there wouldn’t be any seatbelts in between us, and so he had his arm around me, I laid on his shoulder, and stoked his hand all the way home. When we got to my house, he walked me to the door, we hugged and said goodbye. I went to my room dreading the rest of the weekend; the long wait to see him again, I wished that that night could have lasted forever, but all things have to end.

Saturday, I had dance that morning with Amy and Marley, I wanted to tell them about the amazing night I just had, but when I brought it up they said they didn’t want to hear it. It was torture to not be able to talk about it, but I knew if I even mentioned it again they would refuse to talk to me for the rest of the day.
Monday, came and went
Friday, another weekend but this time nothing planned, the week had gone by so fast but the situation with Amy, Marley and Morgan had not gotten better or worse.
Monday, October 15, 2007 I went to school and to pointe class like every Monday. I came home I got on the computer, and talked to Marley about the problem. I’m not quite sure if it is fixed, but it may be better, with her anyway. Friends come and friends go, they are precious, but don’t ever let them leave your hear, no matter how hard it might be, you’re going to need your friends.

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