Let it Fall

November 24, 2007
By Taylor Burnett, Gainesville, FL

Let it fall. Just let the rain fall. Let the relentless downpour of misery finally begin its journey to me. Don’t allow it to release its hold upon me once it takes hold. The rain has to fall. It must fall. It needs to fall. I will feel it. I will feel every drop, every splatter, every blow it makes. I’m going to let it fall. It won’t ever escape my life if I don’t just let it fall. It would always be there. Hanging above me: a reminder of what used to be or what could have been.
It has to fall. That’s the only way the clouds will leave. My mother says that you must face it; otherwise it will never truly leave. I want it to leave. I need it to leave. I will feel the blows, of course. Little by little, the rain will fall down on me from above. To make me break. The rain will try to break me. I don’t want to break. I won’t break. I refuse to break.
I’m going to let the rain fall. I’m going to let it rain down on me. Just let it finally fall. It must fall otherwise I will never be free. I will never be able to look up at a bright blue sky. The sun will never radiate down on my face. I will be empty. I will have nothing, but the gray clouds above me. I need the warmth of the sun. I need the bright blue sky hanging above me.
But for now, just let it fall. Just let it rain down on me. Let the rain fall.

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