Timber Ridge

November 19, 2007
By aaron uitdenhowen, Sumas, WA

Timber Ridge, such a horrible place to spend a whole school year. It makes me think back to when my life was miserable, and everything happened so slow and boring. I really had no reason to go to school. Cause they taught me nothing. In fact one of my spelling words was the word blue. That’s kind of sad for and 8th grader to be learning. In Timber Ridge was the usual. Get to school and when you get there after the one hour ride you go stand in a cold breakfast line. Get breakfast go to the classroom.
When I got to the classroom there was usually four people there and we would wait until our teacher got there. By the way her name was Brianne. When we finally got into the class we would whisk down our breakfast and start every day off at around 9:30 a.m. That was the good part of the day to tell you the honest to god truth. Then I realized I was getting suspended way too often and getting sent to the office to much for me to be able to handle. I shouldn’t brag about this but the truth is…. I set a new school record over the year I was there. I got suspended 28 times and got 178 office referrals.
I realized to good in that school I would not be able to talk to any classmates or laugh at any thing they had to say. Then I started to get good grades I was able to start my new adventure in my life and it was called high school. At Nooksack Valley. The most proud day of my life. I walked through the doors and said, “Wow a new beginning.”

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This article has 1 comment.

Austin03N. said...
on Nov. 25 2008 at 9:56 pm
well i dont think it was really a new beginning when you just dropped out last year...


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