The Competition

November 19, 2007
By Emma Swartzendruber, Albany, NY

When my dad and me had gotten to the competition that morning I was running around looking for my teacher. I had wanted to tell her what song I had decided to sing. When I found my teacher I told her that I had decided to sing the song Maybe from the movie Annie. She said that was fine but then she told me that I was going to have to sing 3rd. I didn’t want to sing 3rd. Singing 3rd not only would it mean I would have no time to practice, but also meant I would have no idea what the judges were looking for in my performance. I thought I was going to pass out. Sadly I didn’t though.

When I herd my teacher call my name I walked up to the microphone and turned to face everyone. Every one was silent and the judges were staring at me like I had prayed they wouldn’t. I had hoped that they would have paperwork or something else to do. They didn’t of course. The music started and I began to sing. The song was a good length so I had thought I did well for only holding out one note to long. Once I was done singing it was time for the judges to critique me and tell me how wonderful or horrible I did. The judges barely said anything. No one really cared how much they said but me so I didn’t complain or make any comments.

When everyone else was performing all I could thing about was how my performance went and how I would redo it. I came out of that daze when I herd the judge say it was time to announce the winners. After he called all of the names shocked that he didn’t call my name. I felt really disappointed and upset but there was nothing that I could do at that point so me and my dad congratulated the winners and went home.

About a month after telling my self I should never sing again I started to realize that it was okay that I didn’t win because sometimes in life you are going to get knocked down. But you cant stay down. You have to stand back up and keep pushing towards your dreams. That is what I learned from this experience and I think life is going to be a little bit better knowing it.

I had woken up with about a million butterflies in my stomach that morning. The reason for that was because I was going to sing in a competition for the first time. I was used to singing for people, but I wasn’t used to singing for three people that were going to judge me.

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