How I Changed My Own Life

November 19, 2007
You know how some events change your life forever? Well this essay is about something I think is one of those.

My parents divorced when I was seven. I felt like it was my fault because, like all little kids, I had no other explanation. They bought me a book called “What children need to know, when parents get divorced” and different things to help me through their divorce. I still remember when they told me what they had decided to divorce. It was in a small restaurant near the bay. The words flowed out of their mouths like water running down a steep hill. At first I didn't understand, but when it soaked in, I fell like a falling rock just waiting for the shock of the ground. But it never ended... I never felt the shock. It was like my whole life (not like it was that long) was burning up.
I always will remember the day we had to write about my weekend in 2nd grade,my teacher asked me to read it to the class. My eyes welled up while reading my paragraph to the class. I pronounced those five, horrible, words. My...Parents....Are...Getting... Divorced. Thank god my friends were there to comfort me.

As the years went by, I started remembering the signs of the divorce. My dad moved into the office. He slept on a pull-out couch. He would take every opportunity to go on a business trip. He was not really talking to my mom. I had always wondered what was all happening.

I knew it would take a long time to recover from the shock. The only way I could keep the thought out of my mind was to distract myself. I would try to be away from home as much as possible, I would go to my neighbor's house. Anything to get away from the bickering. There was always this feeling of regret and of guilt that lay at the bottom of my soul like a puddle of mud. Would I ever get rid of it? That was the question that mocked (too many T's) me at the time. I would always remember how long it took me to recover. And I never thought it would take me that long.

My dad moved out only a week after the announcement. Did they plan this way before my sister and I got informed? Did they keep it secret for one long year of my life? How was I supposed to know? I wasn't old enough to get the answer.

It took me four years to recover from the unpleasant announcement. All that time I had spent hoping something that would be improbable would happen ,I had wasted,like a wet rag thrown down the garbage can Now I think I was silly and immature for thinking they would get back together. And of course... guess what my favorite movie was? “The Parent Trap” of course!

And, after only a couple of years, my parents found other partners. . At first I didn't want them to move on but then I thought . . . as they change their lives, my life changes as well! . So I just went with the flow and accepted my parent's decisions. They went their different ways and are still friends. When one needs something, the other is there. I really hope it stays that way. I want them to stay friends and I am conscious of the luck I have that they aren't enemies. This changed my life because now I can understand better and this major event helped me be more mature and handle delicate situations better. I know that I can't get anything I want which is good for the rest of the time I will spend on this earth. The funny thing is . . . now the thought of them getting back together disgusts me!!

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