All Those Pretty Stars

November 16, 2007
By Angela Jones, Norfolk, VA

I fell in love. Its strange summing up all of those feelings, actions, personal jokes, even a secret language in those four little words. Matthew and I didn’t really know each other well at the beginning, which was sad because we had worked together for the two previous summers. But we started off this summer with a blanket on a picnic table and stargazing, we found we both enjoyed looking at the millions of stars lit up at twilight and enjoyed them even more with each other for company. We stayed up for hours talking about things we didn’t know about each other or old camp memories from previous summers and things we wanted to do or places we wanted to see. Over the summer, stargazing went hand in hand with the development of our friendship and later relationship, we had our most revealing conversations, shared our most of hopeful of dreams with each other while the stars were out sharing our moments with us and we discovered that many of the little things and the dreams were the same for both of us. Matthew and I went from the beginnings of a friendship to the deepest relationship I’ve ever had with anyone, our conversations went from asking each other what our favorite whatever’s were, to how we saw ourselves together when we were old and gray and how our house would look, we both agreed on a big log cabin….

“The living room, dining room, and kitchen would all be big one open space, but of course the kitchen would be huge…” Matthew began, he loves to cook.

“And there would be bookshelves everywhere for my massive amount of books, which I edited…”I added, I want to be an editor after college.

“And of course there would be room for an inside pool….” He said adding on to our “dream” house, smiling, thinking about our future. Some of my favorite conversations with Matthew were about our “future” together and all the amazing, interesting things we were going to do together. It seemed that in a matter of weeks, we had made up for years of lost time. We had so many inside jokes from all the silly stuff we had said in front of each other and symbols, like the apple, from one night where we had spent laughing and throwing apple pieces at each other, it later came to symbolize how we felt about each other, and then came our secret language where our words didn’t mean what they seemed, which became amusing when talking in front of other people. Count in the amount of letter writing we did and it seemed that time had never skipped a beat between us. It looked as if our friendship didn’t want to end as just friends and the way our friendship developed into something more was almost effortless. The relationship kind of evolved on its own and it was almost as if Matthew and I were just along for the incredible ride. We both agreed that if something happened, it happened, there was no pressure and from there, everything between us grew and grew and is still growing. Life is unexpected and my unexpected is wonderful; this is what I believe.

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