November 15, 2007
By Saray Hernandez, Phoenix, AZ

Syndrome of down, cancer, tumors, aids, these are just a few of many sicknesses or diseases that tend to happen at either birth or later in life. They are what everyone tries to runaway from. Nobody would like to have ay of them. There are many risks in human and animal cloning, before deciding, people should know all the possible risks. Knowing that there are risks to cloning, why would people go along with it? That’s why people should really take in consideration the choice of cloning. Not only because it’s wrong, but also because of the many things that can go wrong, and the diseases they may get.

Based on the empirical and scientific evidence, human and animal cloning would be harmful to individuals as well as to society. Dallas Morning News says, it also violets sacredness of human life, procreation and uniqueness. The reason why cloning would be harmful to individuals, is because it may cause humans to act violently towards the clones. Also in many opinions, it violets sacredness of human life. Many people, including me, think of cloning as being wrong because of uniqueness. I look as uniqueness, and think that if we came to the world as one, that’s how t should stay. We shouldn’t decide whether we want more of one person or animal. That’s just not up to us.

90% of animal cloning causes problems and health risks. According to Human Genome Project info, when cloning in animal occurs, it leads to tumor growth. If tumor growth isn’t bad enough, it also leads to higher rates of infection and a lot more disorders. Why would we want to clone an animal knowing all these risks? The animals cloned are going to be the ones who will suffer and die, not the ones who cloned them. That’s why, before deciding to do experiments and clone animals, everyone should know what may happen to the animal. After knowing the risks to this experiment, many people will change opinions. People will also see animal cloning as a wrong activity.

According to the New York Times, the cloning of human also has a high percentage of risks. Human cloning can cause development delays and heart defects. Having heart defects is a huge problem since doctors have to find a compatible heart. This type of cloning also causes lung and problems, and malfunctioning of the immune system. With the immune system not working properly, that can definitely cause a short amount of time to live. There’s no point to cloning a human knowing all the defects that he or she will have. It’s not right to use clones to run tests on them. It’s just not right to clone humans for a project that is self-benefited.

People who are for cloning, want second chances in life. For example, when a person needs a kidney, organ, or something that’s hard to find, by having a clone, it would be much easier to get a transplant. Then, there are people who only want to have clones to experiment on them. After running test on the clones, or after getting what they need from them, the doctors kill them. In my opinion, on the opposing view, it’s wrong using clones for certain things that you need. After getting what the doctors find useful, they throw the clones away as if they’re trash.

Cloning should be banned because it ignores respect for human dignity. It’s basically saying that humans aren’t worth enough since scientist can make them from peoples DNA. Cloning should also be banned because of the scientific evidence that prove all the defects that the clones will have. So, now that everyone knows the many risks, does everyone still have the same opinion? Really think about what you want. Sure, it may be helpful if you need a transplant, but there’s other ways to get them. They take longer to get, but they still work. Think about this, do like being mocked? Be unique, don’t agree to something that disrespects you enough to make another you.

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