Kayla! They Can’t Handle Us as Sisters

November 15, 2007
By Adrienne Randle, Norfolk, VA

My eyes followed the food platter laid in front of me. Speechless! Lost! Words couldn’t explain the tongue tied thoughts. Looking up would do no good, being across from me was her. How would I explain? How could I tell her that I had stolen her past?
It was right after 4th of July, and spending long days at my best friend, Kayla’s house, was normal. But this day the tension was thick, and the BBQ didn’t fit my appetite. My phone sat open on the bed, as she looked down onto it.
“So, you’ve been talking to Flash a lot as I can see,” she said in the most sarcastic way.
“Yep, about that”, I jumped in. Our eyes met and the words spoke without our mouths moving. Her eyes welled, as I wiped the tears from my face. Even with a room of silence, emotions were heavy, and this moment put a quick end to our laughs. Never in a million years would I think that I would come face to face with my best friend, and try so hard to tell her that me and her ex boyfriend relationship was real.
“That night when he said he saw me… well he did. We were together.” I mumbled after the sniffles. The room was still for at least an hour. Then under her thin voice she whispered, “No boy will ever break us up. Just make sure he doesn’t break your heart.” Even with her scrawny face full of tears and heart half broken, she allowed me to be there in order to keep our friendship.
Most people conclude that we are best friends on a bad day and sisters on a sunny day. But we refer too each other as other-halves, which I’m the better half. Most of the times when she’s not there for me, I find myself lacking a sense of vocabulary and forcing myself to have fun.

“Pink or blue? Big or small? Yes or no? Ugh! Just move you making me nervous,” she cried.
“Your shirt is extra small anyways and you look like a big bag of skittles,” I joked. Our eyes lost in each other words. Then we burped out a laugh.
Going out to eat was a weekly activity, even though we both weighed less than 250 together. Tonight we were going to Johnny Rockets for a quick snack. As we made our way up to the mall, my mom asked the most unexpected question, or shall I say statement.
“What happened to that boy you was going with around your birthday? You shouldn’t be talking to a million different boys.” I looked at Kakie through the passengers’ mirror.
“Oh, he got dropped. He wasn’t keeping his duty so he had to go” she answered for me. It was exactly what I was thinking without the “duty” part.
“I hate ya’ll,” my mom laughed.
I guess after years of being around someone everyday, mind reading became a skill. As we tumbled up the escalator, we spotted all the cute boys and screamed “bomb”. Both of our squeaky voices made such a big scene, but we were so optimistic to on looking people. At the same moment I held my phone in my hand, constantly pushing the ignore button to an on-calling angry boyfriend.
From the corner of her blurry contacted eyes, she spotted me. Ashamed, I handed her my phone.
“Why are ya‘ll doing this today, do I gotta call my buzzo-in-law and tell him you sorry?” she screamed.
When things went wrong, Kakie seemed to take action to my problems without permission. She didn’t lie to me if I was the cause of the problem and when my mind was confused, she would take control of my life. After she dialed the number and explained to her “buzzo-in-law” that we were out, she looked at with irritated eyes.
“Aye boy, come here for a second,” she yelled as her dull flat black hair followed in the air. It was this cute brown-skin boy who turned around with a big grin.
“Um, my buzin…” I heard as I looked at her finger pointing at me. “So give me your number for her and I’ll make sure she calls.” She jumped in front of me with this crazy smile, “got it” she laughed.
I snatched her phone and ran down the middle of the street. This is why I love her so much; even when I’m down on my lowest luck, she keeps me up and taking chances. She knows I’m a loyal freak in a relationship, yet she forces me into the faces of cute boys. It was funny though, and it really helped me take a breath of fresh air.
Maybe it’s her bubbly personality, or maybe it’s the way she treat me bad or good. Whatever it is, I know she do it to make me a better person. I constantly ask myself “Where did I find this girl?” Not a sister, but a friend with the same persona, same inner attitude, and identical trust level. It’s scary to know that we’ve only known each other for 5 years.
Our arguments mostly end in over thinking and a lot of tears. Although the tears are shed for happiness and joy, it’s still the expression of feelings. The pain of her slapping me, or stuffing burgers in my face only make me feel better and understand that she really cares. For once, she is the only person I could trust with my life, if someone would take control of it. I believe we were separated at birth, because there’s no way we are just best friends.

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