Locked Up

November 15, 2007
Skkkkkkkkrrrreeeeeekkkk, the Leisure Arts box yelled as Mr. Bunyan reopened its wound. It was now a week after Christmas and Mr. Bunyan and his family were now removing decorations. Mr. Bunyan was a rather quite old man. In fact his name really isn’t Mr. Bunyan. Mr. Bunyan was born George Rupert. He received the title Mr. Bunyan from the mischievous neighborhood children who always play in his yard. Mr. Bunyan was known for wearing bright red and black flannel shirts with faded blue cowboy jeans and shoes which look as if they were worn on “Back to the Future” (a movie from the late 1980’s). His hair was a grayish color which covered every part of his body except his face.

“Grandpa can I help you with the boxes, I promise I won’t mess up this time,” Kathy said with a most rare politeness. Kathy was known for always having an attitude and being a klutz. In the previous year she had caught all of the boxes on fire and nearly burnt down the house.

“NO, NO, NO. YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME,” Mr. Bunyan shouted in a monstrous voice.

“But, but, but, I thought you told me to put the boxes in front of the fire place.”

“You jeopardized all of our lives last time. Do you know how devastating that would have been to your mother if you would have passed away? She was already having a mental breakdown because yawl had received that eviction notice within the same week.”

“I know what I did was reckless but I learned from my mistakes and I promise I won’t mess up like that ever again. You are always telling me to learn from my mistakes but how am I goin to learn if you won’t let me try to make correction in those same situations?” There was a big pause of silence.

“O.k. you can help.”

“Thank you grandpa I promise I won’t mess up this time. Mr. Bunyan and Kathy hugged each other with a constricting hold and learned to trust each other more.

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