The Foster Kid

November 14, 2007
The foster kid tells herself things will get better but she hides her disappointment when things go wrong.

She tells herself blowing up is just an emotion
Crying is just a symbol of sadness
Abandonment a fear

She wonders if things will ever be normal.
She’s just an outsider trying to put her life together, piece by piece but it seems to just fall apart

She takes one step forward then ten steps back.
She was labeled a runaway then a foster kid.
Her world started crashing before her eyes
She knew something wasn’t right the day they told her she thought that her foster family didn’t want her anymore but soon she figured out it wasn’t that
Her dhhs worker sat in front of her and looked into her hazel eyes and said your mom
Tears streamed down her face she knew by the hurt in her dhhs workers eyes that her mother had died long before she finished her sentence.

Leaving your first foster homes can be hard I would know I didn’t want to give up on it working out. But I had to make my self happy and I was not happy so I left.

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