The Girl

November 14, 2007
There’s this girl, the girl gets along with almost everyone. Even though they get along, they aren’t really her friends. She only has a couple true friends. She lives in this very little town and where all there is to do is gossip. This girl doesn’t like gossip but people are always talking about her.

When the girl goes home every night, all she does is fight with her parents. On top of that, her parents are always fighting. The girl cries herself to sleep sometimes, because her life is so stressful. The only thing that keeps her going is her sister’s baby. That baby makes her feel good and forget the bad things in her life.

The girl has a mother, father, brother, sister and a niece. The girl and her brother were very close when she was young. Then he got into an accident and that seemed to change him. They started fighting all the time and sometimes even fist fighting. She never gave up on her brother and never stopped loving him. She knew that he couldn’t help the way he was acting.

One day the brother was acting different, he was being really nice to the girl. From then on they have been very good friends, just like when they were younger. The girl’s brother still has problems, but she just seems to forget about it and she has accepted the way her brother is now. The girl and her brother share one very special thing, that special thing is their niece. Their niece has changed both of their lives for the better.

The girl’s niece is a miracle, because the girl’s family was a huge mess before she came along. When she came into their lives it was like everyone actually had something to care about and something to look forward to.

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