Fighting like cat people and dog people part 1

November 11, 2010
By lion720 BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
lion720 BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
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Fighting Like Cat-People and Dog-People:
A philosophical essay based on people animal preferences

“Those two fight like cats and dogs” I have always heard people say to one another when they witness two people who always seem to be fighting over any little subject that comes up. I somewhat label myself as a cat person though I absolutely adore both cats and dogs and I have owned both kinds of pets before. I, like any other pet owner who has owned both species, have noticed the different personalities that both creatures have and have probably noticed the different personalities of the people who prefer each one of these different animals. In this essay I will be looking at a theory I have obtained after along time of knowing people with different personality traits and knowing there animal preference. I will say before I begin that I do not mean to generalize and that I am quite aware that there are some people who do not fall into these statements in one way or another and I only mean to state this on a basis on observation and findings from certain different people who I have known personally.

I will first explain what the personality traits that seem to fit the personalities of animals such as cats and dogs as well as being the same traits that apply to cat people and dog people. If you talk to a cat owner or a cat fan you and you ask them why they like cats they will stay that they like the mystery and or the curiosity of the little creatures and how they are not exactly always dependent on human interaction. If you talk to a dog owner or a dog fan and you ask them why they like dogs they will say that they like the constant companionship and loyalty that these creatures show. Now let us think about people we personally have met and know, are some of the people you meet independent and mysterious, person in the class that likes sitting in the back and is always quiet, if you ask them are they a cat person or a dog person there is a high chance that they will probably answer cat person. Or do the people you meet tend to be the outgoing go-getters who has numerous friends and is fiercely loyal them, if you ask them the same question they will probably answer dog person. Now like stated before there may be independent people who like the companionship you find in dogs, just as you may find the popular kids may secretly find the mystery of cats fascinating, I have met such people who fit all of these descriptions. Next, I will be looking at the differences between cat people and dog people and how they socialize with other people. I will start with cat people.

I presently know of three cat people, counting me, who are at the same place as I am in terms of education. I have noticed one thing with all of these people and that is one simple thing, like their preferred animal they will tend to be the mystery, the person everyone wants to know, or would prefer not to know. They also are enthralled by the idea of working by themselves though they will still work with others if they have no other choice, sometimes reluctantly. Most cats are independent if not completely solitary. I think of my a cat I once owned and had to have put down a little under a year ago, she seemed to have this “I do not need you, I just need me.” attitude to her character, which like stated before is a similar attitude I find in cat people. Now I will be looking at dog people.

There are a lot more dog people I know of personally. If I have noticed anything with them it is that they absolutely need to be around other people to be happy and that if they are not then they will tend to get depressed. They will also need to be in groups at schools or free time activities and will find it difficult to work by themselves. Dogs are naturally pack animals and will very rarely not be in groups and will actually normally depend on the group to survive. I tend to think of my dog which also was regrettably put down less than a year ago, he would always try to find someone to interact with and would absolutely hate being by himself.

We have seen the similarities between animal and human behavior and how they are similar by a human’s animal preference. I feel it should once again be restated that these observations are not meant to generalize anybody or their behavior.

The author's comments:
I have always notice how people have different personality traits that are mirrored in the kinds of animals they like. As well as how that seems to make them not get along with other kinds of people.

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