2nd chance

November 9, 2007
By Rito Trevizo, Houston, TX

“He didn’t see us, Stop worrying.” I was trying to reassure my friend who was driving.

“Shut up Rito He was looking right at me when I ran that stop sign. Juan make sure he isn’t behind us!” Chris the driver said with a tone of panic.

“Yes he is right on our tail, but he doesn’t have his light and siren on yet, Maybe he’s just making sure were not doing anything bad.” Juan believes that the world is a magical wonderland where everyone is right.

“Shut up Juan, You’re an idiot.” Daniel always insults everyone in the funniest sort of ways, but we love him for it.

“Just settle down and we’ll be fine.” Erwin is always the one to lead and control us when there is bad situation.

“Everyone just be quiet for one second and let me dri…….”

“Whoop Whoop!” Chris never even had a chance to finish his sentence.

There was no voice coming from the police car just the siren of the car which was like the tardy bell for class, in a sense that you knew of the oncoming consequences from just that one noise. I was being dropped off at my house when we got pulled over. We weren’t even three houses away. The police officer looked as if he were in his 30’s, was a tall, chubby man with a stern look on his face, in a police uniform, he looked as if he was being inspected by the chief inspector himself.

He turned off his siren but left his lights flashing to inform everyone around us that we had been pulled over. “Bang” with one hand he closed his door and still managed to slam it, giving me and my friend’s goose bumps up our spines. He twirled his night stick as he walked to Chris’s red Dodge Magnum. We watched the man who would determine our fate through the side and rear view mirror. The police officer stopped twirling his baton, turned to the window, bent over to look inside, beamed his flash light into our eyes, and finally tapped on the window to demand we lower the window.

“Hello officer”, Chris said with a crackling voice.

“Do you know why I stopped you?” he replied with no emotion.

“Yes sir, I didn’t completely stop at that last stop sign.” His response with the look on his face gave no reason for suspicion of what else we have done illegal we had done that night.

“That doesn’t seem to be the only problem, here.”

“What do you mean sir?” All of our faces were filled with confusion.

“Who in this car is older than 18?”

“Only me, sir” Chris was the only one who wasn’t over curfew, The rest of the passengers were.

“Well, I am dropping them off home Rito’s house is right there, sir.”

“All righty then License and registration please.”

“One second sir.” Chris immediately took out his drivers license. All of a sudden he noticed that he didn’t have his insurance card. He starts to jumble things around trying with all his might to find it.

I was sitting in the seat where our armrest of the front of the truck was, so I had pulled the median to be able to sit there. Therein lied the problem, Chris thought that his insurance card might be in there.

“Rito, move out of the way of the compartment so I can put it down and check in there.”

“Well where do I move to?” The officer’s stern look turned to a look of confusion wondering what in the world we were doing.

“Ok, whatever, im going to just sit on Erwin’s lap” Erwin was sitting right next to me. Since we just wanted to get this situation over with, he complied with what I was going to do.

Chris continued to scramble around when suddenly we saw the officer chuckle a bit amongst all of the confusion.

“I’ll tell you what…..” the officer took a pause for dramatic effect because our attention was all on him.

“Do any of you kids have a camera phone?”

“I do!” Everyone in the truck had one so we just chose the best one and waited on the officers instructions.

“If you take a picture of that guy sitting on that guy’s lap and show it all to your friends, I’ll let you guys go with a warning” The mood inside the car turned to one of laughter and shock. We couldn’t comprehend what was actually happening, but we did take a lot of pictures.

“Next time stop completely stop at those red stops signs, ok son?”

“Yes sir.” We pulled away from our stop and Chris finally dropped me off at my house. That night we all called each other and recollected the whole night’s events with the memory of the “Super Bad Cop”.

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