Second Chance

November 9, 2007
By JO Ervin, Houston, TX

I will never forget that week. I was in English class and my teacher made the announcement that she is the sponsor for senior jerseys. When I heard that I started thinking to myself “I really want a jersey.”
When I was a sophomore I was in when I first saw one. They were luminous white and gleaming gold with livid black pinstripes. I found out that you could get one when you become a senior. Three years passed by and I became a senior.
“Mama, I want a jersey”
“What jersey?” she said.
“The baseball jerseys seniors could order on the last year of high school.”
“How much does it cost?”
“It cost 90.00 dollars in two payments of 45.00.”
Her eyes popped out like someone was pulling them out.
She was laughed, looked confused, and wondered out loud.
“Joe I don’t know if we can afford it. You know good and well that I ain't got that kinda money. Go come up to me and ask for a dog on jersey. Are you out of you’re mind?”
About a week rolled by and the deadline for the first payment was on that same week. I asked her again about the jersey.

“I am going to do the unthinkable, if you clean that room I might be able to give the money for the jersey.”
I diligently clean my room the next day, carefully making sure that I do everything right and do it better than I had ever done it before. I straighten out my closet, straighten out my drawers, and vacuum my floor. I put candles in my room to really give it that good clean room smell.
“Mom I’m finished.” I say.
I came home from school that Thursday before the deadline thinking that I wouldn’t be getting a jersey. I was worried about it at school all day long. To my surprise, I see that there is money lying on my bed.
I said, “Mama thank you so much.”
I was so excited because I wouldn’t think that she would actually give me the money because I hadn’t clean my room for weeks. She really let me get away with murder.
My mother gave me my second chance at getting my senior jersey. She did not have to do that. She could have said no and went on with her business. I am glad that she gave me that opportunity and I thank her everyday for it.

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