Mom's Favorite Thing

November 8, 2007
“Do not play ball in the house.” My mother had her no nonsense look on. I broke my mom’s favorite thing, her I love Lucy plate. My mom was not home when I broke the plate. I just remember that plate falling to the ground so slow it felt like the world stopped spinning.

My mom received this plate on her 30th birthday. She kept this plate on a high shelf on the top of her bookshelf. She just brought it down for the day to show one of her friends, who also was a huge “I Love Lucy” fan. Her friend came home with my mom, and both of them ran to her bedroom. My mom walked in. I was so nervous to see her reaction. She was so upset to see the “Lucy plate” shattered on the floor. I could just see Lucy’s head on the ground along with Rickey’s head on the floor. It made me so mad to see his face on the floor. I felt so bad for my mom that I broke her “I Love Lucy” plate.

My mom asked me “how did this happen”? I replied, saying “that my friend and I were throwing a ball in the hallway”. I threw the ball too hard and it went into her bedroom and hit the “I Love Lucy” plate. Mom was upset for a while and then said, “that’s okay Tyler don’t feel bad, it was only an accident. You did not try to hit it”. Mom said, “Next time think about what you are going to do before you do it”.

The plate had “I Love Lucy” on it. It also had pictures of Lucielle Ball. In this scene Lucy and Ethel Mertz were there. Lucy was fighting with Fred Mertz. It also contained a large picture of Lucy and Rickey. The plate had bright colors, and it was a collector plate that was numbered.

When the plate first shattered on the floor I was very nervous of my mom’s reaction. My face was so red I looked like I saw a ghost and I have never seen a ghost before. I learned that rules are set for a certain reason. There is always a story behind rules.

To resolve this problem about 2 years ago I was searching on eBay for “I Love Lucy” items. It was a sunny day and I came home from school and had this weird thought. Let me check eBay for my mom’s plate that I broke a couple years ago. I was thrilled when I spotted the same exact plate that I had broke while playing ball in the house. I shouted to mom that I found the plate that I broke on my mom. I called my mom down and “she said what is this Tyler? I replied that it is the plate that I broke of yours a couple years ago! For a treat I decided to purchase this plate with my own money. My mom said “you don’t have to buy it with your own money”. I said I want to do this it is the least I can do for you. You also do a lot for me and this is one way for me to repay you.” The plate was shipped all the way from California it took about 5 days to receive the plate. When the package came and I opened it up and it was the same exact plate as before. My mom was thrilled when she saw that plate.

The door bell rang. I looked out my window and said who could this be? It was the UPS man. I ran to the door opened it up and slammed the door on the guy. I screamed for mom come here as fast as she can”. The Lucy plate has arrived. She ran and grabbed the scissors and started to shred up the box and said here it is. I am so happy to final see this plate again. My mom ran to her bedroom and stored the plate away in her closet. I have not seen that plate since she received it. I was happy that after I did something wrong I had the chance to fix my mistake. This is why certain rules are set for certain reasons.

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