November 8, 2007
By Morgan Sherif, Bellingham, WA

Now there are many diseases in this world. And there is one that I used to posses. And that’s quietnessdiossis. Or the disease of being too quiet. I used to sit in a corner with a book almost every day at school. I was really shy. And of course, like a real disease, there are antidotes for quietnessdiossis.

Being at a private school all through elementary school may have been good for my education. I learned a lot in those years. But let’s just say that when it comes to being social, St. Paul’s is the worst place to learn that. See, at St. Paul’s, they didn’t encourage talking too much. Actually, the only time I could talk was during lunch. So as you could guess, I wasn’t very talkative outside of class either.

My parents were very concerned. “What is going to happen when she goes to Fairhaven Middle? She wont say but 2 words.” My parents would say to each other the summer before 6th grade. I was concerned myself. I would always picture myself in the hallway, not talking, with no friends. But boy, was I wrong!

As soon as I walked in the doors of Fairhaven Middle School, I felt a rush of energy. And I knew my first antidote for quietnessdiossis was to make a friend and come out of my shell. I remember first talking to a girl named Julie. She wasn’t very talkative either. And then once I got to my first class, math, I saw a familiar face, Haley. I hung around her for a while. I was still a shy and I didn’t really want to talk to my other new classmates. But as soon as Haley started talking to a girl named Mia, I knew we were going to be great friends. My next antidote was to talk to the opposite gender. I was deathly afraid of boys. I thought they were creepy. I’m pretty sure the first guy I talked to was either Cody, Lucas, or Erik. But I’m not completely sure. My disease was almost gone by the time I reached 7th grade. And 7th grade was really when I started to blossom.

In 7th grade, I started the year kind of slowly. But as soon as winter approached, quietnessdiossis was gone. I had made many new friends and I wasn’t afraid to talk to new people or show my true self. Fairhaven has truly been the best thing that’s happened to me. I love coming to school. And now since im in 8th grade, I have become more social then ever. I have made many new friends this year. And one of my newest best friends is Alyssa. This year has so far been the best year ever. My parents are now saying, “What were we worried about? Morgan is a social butterfly. Now we have to work on Bryce becoming more social…”

Bryce is now the one suffering from Quietnessdiossis. But don’t worry, with the right antidotes and the right people, Bryce will be a mini me. She will have many friends and love coming to school. I have gotten rid of my disease permanently. And I don’t plan on getting it again. I said, “Shyness is a disease. You need antidotes to overcome it.”

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