When I Met My Dad

November 8, 2007
It all happened when I was about 9. I don’t know all the details, but here is what I do know and remember. I was at my paternal grandma’s house, which was in Albany by Bleaker Stadium. It was weird because I knew her and my brother Justin before I even met my dad.
My parents had dated for a few months but when my dad found out that my mom was pregnant, He broke up with her. I was raised by my mom because he wasn’t there.

Life with my mom was good and bad. One good thing was that I got to see my maternal grandma and my maternal great grandma more than I do now. We would visit them in Saratoga, go there for holidays, and sometimes we would go to have dinner or to hang out.
Life with my mom could also be terrible at times, especially in school. It wasn’t my grades but my behavior. I was always getting into fights. I didn’t get along with certain people in my school. I even ran away once or twice from school because I thought the teacher and my bus driver didn’t like me. Outside of school, I did nothing but stay in the house and play games and watch TV. I had no social life.
One day I was visiting my paternal grandma’s and something shocking happened!
I met my dad! When I saw him I just thought “who is this guy?” then I next I found out he was my dad. I met him at my paternal grandma’s house. After I met my dad. I saw my older brother Justin with him. When I met him I felt confused and happy. I felt confused because I didn’t know who he was. I felt happy because I found out that I had a dad.
My dad looked muscular with a lot of curly black hair. Justin looked like me. He had short curly hair with brown eyes. He had a bigger face then me.
At the time I had two brothers, Joey and Justin, and one sister, Courtney, but I didn’t know about Joey and Courtney until about 3 years ago. I now have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. But I met Justin first because he was with my grandmas sometimes
When I stared to go to his house I became a lot more active. Now I like to I like to play sports with my brothers and friends, I like to go on walk mostly to get out of the house, and I like to go on bike rides

When I moved in with my dad last year I realized it was quieter in Guilderland then Renssealer or Albany. Cause in Albany and Renssealer I always heard loud music. In Guilderland I never hear music playing. In Guilderland.

In school I stopped from getting in a lot of fights and a lot of trouble. I still got good grades though. Now outside of school I talk a lot more hang out with my friends, and now I have a social life outside of school.

Meeting my dad changed me. He made me more responsible as in like how I do things, how I act, and how I take care of my self and other people.

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